Cavendish Primary School provides a warm, friendly and caring environment that enhances and challenges learning, personal growth and well-being of students. The school has high expectations for staff and students and aims to create a stimulating and supportive environment for all its students to excel in their learning and personal growth.


 All individuals are valued and treated with respect in a secure environment where students are able to fully develop their talents, interests and ambitions.

 We value our positive teaching and stimulating learning environment where students are challenged to extend and develop their academic, social, moral, and physical attributes.

 We value effort and positive contributions from students, staff and parents.

 We promote the professional growth of all staff and nurture leadership roles for all staff and students

 We value the culture and traditions of our rurality along with the inherent practice of pastoral care.

 We value our rural tradition of excellence

How are our values enacted?

Our philosophy and values are upheld and strengthened through a consistent and unified approach to learning, pastoral care and the knowledge that we are educating the “whole child”.

 Students are encouraged to care for each other and display respectful behaviour. Positive examples are rewarded and celebrated through assemblies, certificate presentations, class meetings, in the yard and circle times. Appropriate behaviours are consistently modelled by all adults in the school. A Code of Conduct is in place outlining responsibilities and rights for students and adults.

 There is a strong emphasis on students doing the best they can and improvement, progress and effort are consistently celebrated through assemblies, class meetings, feedback to parents and through the school newsletter.

 A varied and extensive curriculum is provided including a range of extra-curricular activities. Many sporting, musical, drama and artistic opportunities are provided by the school. An Active After School Program is also run through four terms.

 You Can Do It, Circle Time, Student Conferences are all run to provide student voice and to reinforce positive behaviours. A Behaviour Audit is completed twice a year and one to one interviews are held between Principal and selected students twice a year.

 Close and regular contact is made and feedback provided to all parents of the school.
There is an “open door” approach to parents in the school. These links help us to provide strong pastoral care.

 We have high and consistent expectations of students and adults both in terms of academic improvement and social and personal learning.

 Professional learning is a significant part of each Staff Meeting and opportunities are provided for staff to take in a range of external professional learning activities.

 We aim to deliver teaching and learning at the point of need for each student through teaching in small classes, quality diagnostic assessment of learning and innovative practice.